5/30/18: Sales Guidelines for Four Historic Anacostia Properties

To comply with our Disposition Agreement with DC Department of Housing and Community Development, The L’Enfant Trust will use the following guidelines for the sale of the properties:

    • The properties will be listed on the market as traditional sales with Affordability Requirements to ensure that income and Maximum Sales Price caps limit purchasers to those with Family Median Incomes at or below 120%.
    • Income and Maximum Sales Price caps will follow the most recent matrix outlined on the DC Department of Housing and Community Development website, based on figures published by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.  Family size and the number of bedrooms in each unit affect these caps.
    • Each purchaser will be required to have their household income verified by a Certifying  Authority.  Further information and details about obtaining the necessary Certification of Income will be outlined closer to the completion of the rehabilitation projects, and well in advance of the listing of the properties.
    • All sales will comply with the District of Columbia Human Rights Act of 1977.


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