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The unique heritage of Anacostia, DC’s original suburb, and the chosen community of Frederick Douglass, is endangered by decades-long disinvestment and the tensions between the need for economic investment and the risk of displacing long-time residents. The L'Enfant Trust's historic preservation rehabilitation projects will be sold to moderate-income buyers, targeting teachers, nurses and government employees. This will provide much-needed housing to residents that serve the community, and who are priced out of the District’s expensive housing market but have the income security to invest in homeownership.

Thank you for your support of The L’Enfant Trust’s Historic Properties Redevelopment Program and our efforts to support community revitalization, neighborhood re-investment, and equitable development in Anacostia. We look forward to continuing our historic preservation rehabilitation work, with help from supporters like you and Anacostia’s committed residents, to help Anacostia maintain its place among Washington’s treasured historic neighborhoods.



The Trust takes on rehabilitation projects that, notwithstanding their value to the community, simply aren’t economically viable for a for-profit developer. We know that our projects will cost more than can be recouped from their sale, and we understand that filling the “gap” will require charitable funds.



Please help ensure the success of these projects. Small donations offset the accumulated costs of rehabilitation, allowing the work to continue. Major gifts could allow the properties to be offered at higher affordability levels which would provide a significant benefit to the District in the face of a housing affordability crisis.



Your tax-deductible gift or in-kind donation will provide a meaningful contribution toward the restoration of these houses, making them once again both valuable and safe for the Anacostia community. Your gift will be acknowledged on the Trust’s website and announcements, on the project signage in Anacostia, and at the ribbon-cutting events.

For additional information on donation and sponsorship opportunities, please email or call 202.483.4880.


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